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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Booking & tenancy questions

A “campus contract” is a lease agreement that applies to student housing. It says you must be a student to rent the apartment. The minimum initial length of stay is 12 months. After 12 months one can terminate at any moment when giving notice at minimum one calendar month in advance. At least once a year we check whether you are still enrolled at an educational institution.
If you are no longer enrolled as a student, you must terminate the tenancy agreement and move out within 3 months.

You are required to submit a copy of your ID, proof of enrolment at an educational institution, and a photograph of yourself.

The contract is for a minimum of 12 months, after that it gets automatically renewed until you give your notice. The contract is valid for as long as you are a student. (Yearly proof of enrolment is required).

Your contract is for minumum 12 months, and it will be automatically renewed after that until you give notice or are no longer a student. You can stay at Canvas Utrecht up until 3 months after your study is completed.

Apartments are leased on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have selected an apartment, you need to complete the application form and upload documents within 72 hours. Reserving an apartment does NOT automatically mean your application is accepted.

Once you have finalised the application form and uploaded the required documents, your application will be processed. Greystar is entitled to reject any application.

Once your application has been processed, we will issue you with a contract. After you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, Canvas will countersign the contract. Your rental contract is only final once countersigned by Canvas. Please note that you need to sign the contract and pay the deposit within 72 hours.

1. Click the Book now button on our website.
2. Click on the apartment type you are interested in. There are several categories: Classic, Classic Plus, Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, Premium, Premium Plus, Standard and Standard Plus. Find out more about our different apartments here.
3. A selection of available apartments will be listed per category. Select the apartment you want and choose your preferred move-in date.
4. Fill in all fields marked with a star. Even if you do not have a middle name, you must tick the box and choose your 'title'.
5. Upload all required documents. You can upload more than one document if necessary. A picture of yourself is mandatory for your resident ID card.
6. Submit your application and wait for your documents to be reviewed by the onsite team.
7. Pay your deposit and sign your contract electronically within 72h.
The Onsite team will review your document as soon as possible and get back to you. This may take up to 4 working days. Look out for an email update from us. You will then receive further instructions on how to pay your deposit.

Congratulations, you are now a part of Canvas!
We will contact you to confirm your move-in date. This will usually be the first week of your academic term. Your first month's rent will be re-calculated pro-rata based on your move-in date.

All residents staying in the Netherlands for more than 4 months must register with the local municipality. Whether you’re a Dutch citizen or an international student, everyone living in the Netherlands is required to be registered at their home address. Being registered allows the Basisregistratie personen (BRP or Municipal Personal Records Database) to better handle emergency situations, to track the size of the Dutch population and to allocate the right municipal taxes to each household.

Most importantly, once registered you will receive your BSN number (personal public service number), which you will need for all your administration in the Netherlands (opening a bank account, visiting a doctor, getting health insurance and applying for benefits, including Housing Allowance). You will also need your BSN number to apply for a DigiD, which allows you to identify yourself when making arrangements on the internet (with the Dutch government, educational institutes or benefits). Find out more information here.

Please be aware that once registered at your new home address, your waste tax (and in some cases water purification tax) has to be paid directly to the municipality. Find out more about waste and water tax here. For municipality Utrecht click here.

Yes, you will receive a letter in April confirming the annual increase from the following July. The percentage of rent increase will follow the maximum set out by the Dutch authorities.

After the minimum stay of 12 months, you must give notice of one calendar month in advance (minimum) by sending an email to the Service Desk. Please note that the termination of your contract is only final once you have received a written confirmation by Canvas. Please check the General Terms & Conditions.

Apartments are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The Onsite team will review your application as soon as possible and get back to you. This may take up to 4 working days. Look out for an email update from us. You will then receive further instructions on how to pay your deposit.

Canvas apartments are leased on a first-come, first-served basis. If your apartment is not available, please register on our interest list. We will inform you when your preferred apartment type is available.


To sign a lease agreement for an apartment at Canvas you need to be registered as a student at an educational institution, for a minimum of 19 hours a week.
Please contact your educational institution and ask for a (temporary) declaration of enrolment.
If you can prove you are a student at an educational institution in The Netherlands, you are eligible to stay at Canvas.
No, at the moment only students can live at Canvas.
Students are contractually obligated to provide proof of student enrolment status upon request. The accommodation is intended for students. We have an active throughput policy that is geared at maintaining the use of the accommodation in accordance with its intended use.
Datakeeper is the data wallet for consumers to collect, securely store, and send data. The solution ensures that consumers can quickly and easily collect personal information and share it with their car rental company, real estate agent, bank, mortgage provider, credit provider, or other service provider. Datakeeper is part of Rabobank.
Datakeeper facilitates access to various financial sources containing information about you, while also requesting your identity and address details for verification purposes.

1. Email: You provide your email address and verify it using two-factor authentication for added security.

2. DUO: Through the Datakeeper app, you securely access your DUO study data by logging in with your DigiD on the DUO website. The information shared includes your first name, last name, and current study details, while sensitive information such as your study debt is not disclosed.
When allocating our homes, we use robust and tested processes that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. We make every effort to ensure that no unjustified distinction is made between prospective tenants when renting out our properties. One of the ways we do this is by training our employees about what is and isn't the selective criteria, for example we have some homes which are allocated as student accommodation only. More detail can be found in the section: ‘Objective selection criteria’.

When we work with third parties to offer housing, we also ensure that they also have robust processes in place that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. Furthermore, we regularly assess whether our policies have the desired outcome in practice and whether our processes can or should be further adapted and tightened.

If you would like to raise with us any feedback or concerns in regards to our policies and processes we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via e-mail:

Below we explain in more detail the processes we have in place.

First come first served

In principle, we work on a first come first served basis when offering our homes. We use a digital and automated system to do this. The prospective tenant who was the first to register for the property (completing all relevant forms and confirmed via email) will be accepted in the first instance.* The prospective tenant’s application is then checked it meets the objective selection criteria that applies to the property applied for.

If the prospect meets the objective selection criteria, a rental agreement will be concluded with them in principle. However, this is dependent on previous experience with the prospective tenant. We reserve the right not to enter into a rental agreement if we find there have been previous negative experiences in relation to the prospect.

If no rental agreement is concluded with the first accepted prospect, we will inform the person/persons by e-mail and outline the reasons for this decision. The property is then advertised again and the above outlined process begins again.

*Note: the accepted prospect is provisionally accepted pending final checks and supply of all information requested.

Exceptions to the above process:

In the past, one development in Diemen, had a waiting list. Prospects could be placed on the waiting list via an application form. If a property became available, the prospect highest on the list was approached first (e.g. prospect numbered 1). We are no longer accepting new prospects on to this waiting list.

Due to the contractual obligations of this waiting list, whilst there are still ‘active’ prospects on the waiting list (i.e. prospects are still interested in renting a property at this location), housing will be allocated to the suitable prospective tenant with the highest rank. Once there are no longer any ‘active’ prospects on this list, this waiting list will no longer be in operation and we will revert to the first come first served principle at the Diemen location.

Objective selection criteria

When assessing whether a prospect is suitable, we use objective selection criteria. When a property is advertised, we state which criteria applies to that property so that all prospects can make an informed decision as to whether they are a suitable tenant for this type of property.

The criteria may vary from property to property. An example would be student accommodation. If a property is intended for students, the conditions are that the prospect is enrolled at an educational institution and is actively studying. Some of our properties require a Housing Permit and this is stated. If a property requires a Housing Permit, a prospect must be eligible for the permit outlined.

Greystar will never request information about or select prospective tenants on the basis of ethnic or cultural background, religious identity, political preference, sexual orientation or physical/mental health.


Yes all apartments are furnished and fitted out with high quality flooring, wall finishing, and roller blinds. When you select an apartment in our online leasing system, you will find information on the specific furniture package.
All studios in Canvas Utrecht are fully furnished. Unfortunately it is not possible to receive an unfurnished studio; you are always welcomed to bring your own smaller pieces of furniture as long as they are removed upon your departure.
Of course! You may decorate your room. Just keep in mind, no holes are allowed in the walls.
Unfortunately, you are not permitted to install a dishwasher and/or washing machine. There is a modern launderette available on site for residents at Canvas to use.
No, this is not permitted. You must also NOT drill holes in the walls. Please note that it is strictly prohibited to tamper with the smoke  detectors.
Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and communal areas and only permitted in the designated outdoor areas.
In apartments with a surface area greater than 25 m2, two people may live together. In those cases, a service surcharge will apply to cover the cost of the extra utilities used by the second person, as well as the use of all our on-site services and facilities. High rise: none     Low rise yes: Classic (from 25m2), Premium, Premium plus, Deluxe, Deluxe plus. The rent per month with a co-occupant would then increase by €35.
Yes. However, our apartments only include one 140cm double bed, so you must be comfortable sharing a bed with your friend. We do have to surcharge a €35 per month for double occupancy and your friend will need to sign a “second occupant agreement”.
Of course, guests may stay occasionally, as long as no nuisance is caused. You are fully responsible and liable for the behaviour of your guests.
Yes, you can find these on the apartments page of our website.
Please bring your own. We do not provide any kitchen equipment nor any bedding; we do provide a fresh and new matrass protector.
No, this is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be sub-letting their apartment could face the immediate termination of their contract and a large financial penalty, as described in our General Terms & Conditions.
You do not have to arrange any utilities; Wi-Fi, electricity, water and heating is all provided via Canvas Utrecht (no TV subscription included). For these utilities, you will pay a monthly service charge advance. These service charges are annually settled based on actual usage.
You are required to settle the municipality taxes individually: water system levy (watersysteemheffing) and waste contribution (afvalstoffenheffing). Students are typically eligible to for a substantial reduction if these costs; the service team is happy to assist you.
No. You must take out your own home insurance.
You can address any complaints to our on-site staff; either the Canvas property manager or the on-site team.
All our studios feature comfortable queen-sized beds (200cm length / 140cm width).
No, unfortunately not, though all apartments have windows that can be opened for cooling and fresh air.
Yes, we do offer storage spaces. Please contact us to learn more on availability and pricing.
You can contact our on-site security team, available 24/7.
Yes, fast Wi-Fi is available in all apartments and communal areas.
You are allowed to have guests stay over, but you are responsible for them. If you are planning to have more than 4 people in the common area at once, please inform us in advance.
Contact our Maintenance team using the resident portal or the Service Desk.
Yes. You will be charged per keytag. For more information about prices, please contact the onsite team.


Yes, you can use our fast Wi-Fi in the common areas.
Yes, there is one bicycle space reserved per apartment in a covered bicycle park; this is included in your rent.
Our team is on-site 24/7. The common areas of Canvas Utrecht are monitored by security cameras and entrances and doors are secured by electronic locks. The building meets all fire safety criteria and our security guards are trained and certified to perform first aid.
Canvas Utrecht features a secured parking garage which lots are exclusively available for residents at a monthly charge of €59.50.
Activities will be organised regularly in and around Canvas. Naturally, participation is not compulsory.
Yes, of course! You can always invite friends and family. Later on, if you are planning to invite more than 4 people, we ask you to inform the Service Desk in advance if possible. Please note that you are fully responsible and liable for the behaviour of your guests.
No, pets are not allowed at Canvas.
Yes, keep an eye on our Instagram for all our upcoming events!
A laundry costs €2.65 each time (excluding detergent). Drying costs €2.20 at a time. Please note that these are the tariffs of August 2023 and that these may be subject to change.
No, the gym is a commercial facility that is not included in the services of Canvas Utrecht. Please find more information via:
Each resident at Canvas has a private apartment and a shared mailbox. The mailboxes are located at the entrance of the apartment building.


No. You are personally responsible for settling your rent and service costs. A guarantor is not accepted.
A deposit must be paid before the apartment is secured for you. This is required as part of the application process. The deposit is the equivalent of 2x the monthly base rent for your apartment.
We accept bank transfer and SEPA.
Deposit and the first month's rent.
No, unfortunately this is not possible.
You may be eligible for housing benefit since Canvas features independent regulated apartments. This depends on your personal situation (age, income, benefit partner) and studio type. For more information about rent benefit, please consult the tax authorities ( Belastingdienst ). You must add the following charges on top of the base rent of your preferred apartment to calculate your housing benefit:

Schoonmaakkosten voor gemeenschappelijke ruimten - €12.00
Energiekosten voor gemeenschappelijke ruimten - €12.00
Kosten voor de diensten van een huismeester, flatwacht of buurtconciërge - €12.00
Kosten voor dienst- en recreatieruimten - €3.00
Total: €39.00
Your utilities (internet, electricity, heating, water) are all organised by Canvas Utrecht. You will be charged a monthly service charge advance, which is settled annually based on your actual usage. These are typically substantially sharper than individual contracted utilities.
The service costs include recoverable service costs and services. The recoverable service costs are variable costs such as security, cleaning, electricity, water, internet, heating, landscaping, utilities for public areas, Service Desk. You will pay a monthly advance payment which must be settled in July each year. You cannot choose to exclude any of the services Canvas Utrecht offers.
Within 6 months after the end of the calendar year you will receive a statement of your service costs of the previous year.
No. Canvas offers an inclusive living concept where you rent an apartment together with the many services and facilities provided. The costs per resident are limited by highly competitive procurement and economies of scale. This is a fixed component for all tenants.
Both regulated and free market (non-subsidised) housing can be rented at Canvas Utrecht. Different rules apply to both the tenant and the landlord. They cover security of tenure, rent, rent increases, maintenance, service charges, etc The Rent Liberalisation Threshold (Huurliberalisatiegrens) determines whether you are living in a house which falls under social housing. The current threshold (2024) is €879.66 euros. The rental value of the property is not based on a points system and there is no maximum rent. If the tenancy agreement does not have a liberalized rent, the rent payable for rented housing is subject to a ceiling. You may be eligible for housing benefit since Canvas features both regulated and free market (non-subsidised) housing.
Please contact the Service Desk and consider the safety of yourself, your neighbours and the staff by paying respect to the Government’s maximum allowed occupancy and 1.5 metres social distancing.

If you have respiratory symptoms (coughing, rhinitis, sore throat or pneumonia), often accompanied with fever ór if you have been in contact with an infected person, please have yourself tested free of charge. For more information and test locations, please visit (available in English) or call: 0800 1202.

Self-contained or COVID-19 positive
If you test positive or if you are self-isolating for suspected COVID-19 exposure, please inform the Service Desk via telephone or email. We would like to stay informed to assist you wherever we can and help limit the spread of the virus. To reassure you, we will of course respect your privacy. Due to privacy restrictions, we will not and cannot disclose if/which residents are self-contained. This is up to the discretion of the individual concerned or the authorities.

Service Desk via email and phone
Our team is available at the Service Desk during weekdays and on Saturdays. In order to limit unnecessary exposure of residents as well as the members or our Service Team, please consider contacting the Service Team via email and telephone.

Technical Support
Our Technical Support team is available for our residents for urgent matters. If you have any symptoms of flu or a cold, please inform us in advance, so we can inform the Technical Support Team accordingly. All our staff is instructed to keep at least 1.5 metres distance away from others. Please respect this preventive measure. If staff has any doubt of the physical wellbeing of a resident, they are not allowed to enter the apartment. In that case, the Service Desk will contact you by phone to make further arrangements. 

Our Security team will be available at the Service Desk. Also, they will patrol buildings and our outdoor terrain. All residents and visitors are required to comply with instructions of our Security Service instantly. Please respect the 1.5-meter rule with regards to our Security team members as well.

Partners & suppliers
We are in close contact with our key partners and suppliers in order to keep our service to you as good as possible. Our cleaning partner executes frequent extra-sanitising door handles, lift buttons and intercom panels. Our security is there to support us and our residents and our internet partner Ask4 is monitoring the internet in order to secure a stable network while most are still working or studying from home.

Elevators vs stairs
Please keep social distance in elevators. If physically possible, consider using the stairs.
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