10 reasons to

Study & live in Coventry

Have we mentioned how much we LOVE Coventry?

We love the history, the culture, the diversity, the people.

It’s a hidden gem. One of those places you experience as a student or visitor and can’t wait to shout about.

But enough of why we love it — that’s a blog post in itself. Here are 10 reasons you’ll love Coventry as a city to study and live in.


Any city that has one world-class university is doing well. Coventry has two that consistently rank among the UK’s best.

In recent years, COVENTRY UNIVERSITY was voted as University of the Year for Student Experience and achieved Gold for outstanding teaching and learning by the Teaching Excellence Framework.

It’s also one of Britain’s best business schools and is rated as one of the TOP MODERN UNIVERSITIES for career prospects.

Not to be outdone, the UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK is a mainstay in the UK's top 10 universities, with a reputation for excellence in research, teaching and innovation. It’s rated as one of the country’s best for accounting careers and degrees in investment banking and finance.

The uni’s WARWICK MANUFACTURING GROUP (WMG) has also given a massive boost to manufacturing in the West Midlands, bringing in overseas investment, providing employment opportunities for students, and making local businesses competitive.


Every city has culture. But not every city can claim to be the go-to city for it. Coventry was the UK City of Culture 2021.

In 2021/2022, more than a million people attended over 700 events hosted by faith groups, community centres, libraries, radio stations, arts organisations and the local police.

The lasting legacy is a city where culture is at the fore... You’re never not within walking distance of something engaging.

Whether that's popular tourist attractions like the cathedrals (plural. Coventry has three!), COVENTRY TRANSPORT MUSEUM, WARWICK CASTLE, or HERBERT ART GALLERY & MUSEUM. Or cool lesser-known spots like the COVENTRY MUSIC MUSEUM, THE REEL STORE, or medieval SPON STREET.

If you like to use culture as a way to immerse yourself in a new city, Coventry welcomes you with open arms and doors.


Culture and creativity go hand in hand, and Cov’s stint as UK City of Culture has reinvigorated its creative spirit. There’s a youthful vibe to the place. Nowhere is this more evident than FARGO VILLAGE — Coventry’s creative quarter.

FarGo Village is to Coventry what Camden is to London or the Custard Factory is to Birmingham. Independent shops, breweries and food spots line the streets, and street art fills the walls. There’s also a year-round calendar of markets and events that bring together the city’s creatives.

It’s a unique place, with a local feeling.


Coventry has that perfect blend of being big enough to keep you entertained and engaged, but small enough to be able to easily get around.

For example, you can walk to the city centre from CANVAS COVENTRY CITY POINT in about seven minutes. And be at Coventry University in three minutes from CANVAS COVENTRY ARUNDEL HOUSE.

There’s also excellent public transport for venturing further afield. And Cov’s location right in the middle of England means you’re not far from…well, almost anywhere. It’s said you can reach 75% of the UK’s cities directly from Coventry.

From Coventry Train Station you can get to Warwick or Birmingham in little over 20 minutes. You can be in London in less than an hour and Manchester in less than two hours.

Not that you’ll have any reason to leave, of course. But it's handy to know, right?


Coventry was named the third-best student city in England in the QS BEST STUDENT CITIES 2023.

One big reasons for this is its affordability. Tuition and living costs as a student in Coventry are amongst the lowest in England.

So, your student budget stretches that little bit further. And you can get the degree you want with more money left over to do fun things.

Coventry also ranks high in QS rankings for employer activity, with good rates of youth employment and graduates looked on favourably by employers in the city.

If you plan to work while you study or build your career here, you’ll find lots of businesses that are happy to give you an opportunity. 


Speaking of affordability, Coventry has the second cheapest pint in the UK, which bodes well for a good night out. And there’s no shortage of pubs and bars to enjoy a round or two with friends.

THE PHEONIX on Gosford Street offers a good combination of cheap drinks and decent food. As does its neighbour, THE OAK INN. Other popular spots for students include COSY CLUB, THE BOTANIST, and LAS IGUANAS.

But parties don’t stop after the pubs or SU bars kick out. You’ll find a student crowd in a Coventry nightclub every night of the week.

Top clubs you'll want to check out include KASBAH JJ'S, and HMV EMPIRE.

Cov also has a rich musical history (home of The Specials, The Selecter, and The Enemy) and is a regular stop-off for touring artists and bands. HMV Empire, ARCHES VENUE, Coventry Building Society Arena (home of COVENTRY CITY FC), and even COVENTRY CATHEDRAL are all top places to catch live music. 


Eating out as a student is a luxury. You want to know you’re spending your money wisely.

Now, if you want to play it safe, you can. Coventry has all of the big names you’d expect to see in a city: Zizzis, Slug and Lettuce, Bella Italia, etc. You’ll likely find good student offers at many of these establishments.

But remember that vibrant creative scene we talked about? Well, that’s evident in Cov’s food scene. There are tons of independent spots serving international cuisine at student-friendly prices.

Here are some of our top picks:


If Coventry’s affordability means you’ve got some of your student budget to spare, you’ll be happy to know there are loads of good places to spend it.

Some of these you’ll be familiar with. The saver brands and high street stores you see in other towns and cities all call Coventry home too. You’ll find most of them in WEST ORCHARDS and the LOWER PRECINCT SHOPPING CENTRE.

The real fun of shopping in Cov though, is browsing the various independent stores. We’ve mentioned FarGo Village already. That’s the place to be for vintage clothes, craft beers, homemade jewellery, and artisanal food.

But wander around the city centre and you’ll find all kinds of hidden gems. From bookshops to record stores to Polish and East Asian food stores.

Check out this list of the 50 BEST SHOPS IN COVENTRY BY WANDERLOG so you know exactly where to go once you’ve unpacked your bags at Canvas.


There’s a lot of hustle and bustle in Cov. It gives the city an inspiring energy.

But being in it all the time isn’t healthy. Sometimes you need to check out; indulge in some rest and relaxation.

Both Coventry University and the University of Warwick have green spaces designed for kicking back on the grass and taking a breather. And you don't have to venture far outside campus to find others.

Coventry is one of the greenest cities in the UK, with 4.88 metres squared of parkland for every 10 residents (impressive, huh?).


Fancy paying a visit to the number one greenest city in the UK, with its show-offy 15.42 metres squared of parkland per 10 people? Milton Keynes is a 30-minute train ride from Coventry Station.


Two world-class universities and a whole lot of culture, entertainment, dining, and shopping to match. What more could you want?

The only thing we could think of was close proximity to it all.

That’s why we based CANVAS STUDENT ACCOMMODATION in Coventry city centre. So, the great and good of this wonderful city is on your doorstep.

If you’re heading to uni in Coventry and want to experience what all the fuss is about, do it now. The city is at its best during summer, with events, festivals, and celebrations aplenty.

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See you in Cov soon!


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