Exam season will always be a stressful period of your studies, we can't argue that. But being well prepared for your exams is the best way to overcome stress and anxiety, and gives you the best chance of getting the grades you want and deserve.

At Canvas, we care about our students’ success and wellbeing, so while we can’t take the exams for you, here are some useful tips on how to ace them.


 Make a colour-coded timetable to organise the revision or coursework you plan to tackle each day. It breaks the work down into digestible chunks and it’s super satisfying to check off each section as you complete it. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t stick to it though – you’ll find a schedule that works for you.

Studies show that listening to music can help you focus, however songs with lyrics can sometimes be a little distracting. One handy revision tip is to opt for some instrumental music that will settle into the background while you’re studying and help clear your mind. Check out this Instrumental Study Playlist on Spotify for some inspo.

 Change up your study location to avoid getting into a funk. Locking yourself away in your room for days on end probably won’t do you any good… you’re better off working in different environments to get a change of scenery. Make the most of the on-site study areas at all Canvas properties or get yourself setup in the uni library with your classmates to change up the way you're revising for exams.


 Eat well and drink lots of water to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. Taking some time to cook a proper dinner rather than opting for ready meals or junk food will also give your brain a break from overthinking about revising for exams. Hot drinks are also supposed to soothe the soul, although try and avoid too much caffeine!

 Keep active and go outdoors to help get your juices flowing. Exercise can boost your mood and help you be more productive while studying for exams, so make sure to get out of your room to hit the gym, go for a run or even just a walk around the park for some fresh air. Don't forget there's an on-site gym at every Canvas property, so you don't have to go far to get a workout in.

 Remember you’re not a machine – you deserve time off! Break up your revision schedule with normal day-to-day perks like watching a movie, meeting a friend for coffee or popping to the shops. Giving yourself a break will allow your brain to re-charge and be the most productive.

 Make sure you’re sleeping enough. We know that life as a student can be a mix of studying hard and partying even harder… but getting 8 hours of sleep a night will make all the difference during the exam period, so really do try and avoid the all-nighters.


One of our most important study tips is: Don’t forget to breathe. Take some time each day to sit still, relax and just breathe. Panicking before or after an exam is common among uni students, so mindfulness and breathing exercises can really help if you get yourself into difficulty. Check out our Health, Wellbeing & Fitness Tools via our Virtual Resident Experience Platform for some inspo.

 If you feel like you’re struggling, talk to someone. Your uni will have a service where you can speak to someone about your concerns and Canvas residents can talk to any member of the team for advice. If you feel more comfortable reaching out to a friend or family member, we’re sure they’ll be able to relate in some way – you’ll be amazed to know that you aren’t alone in feeling like this.

 Remember, your best is good enough and to keep things in perspective. In 5 years time this will be a distant memory and you’ll be exactly where you’re supposed to be in life, whatever the outcome.

There we have it: Canvas' handy guide on how to study for exams, we hope you've found it useful. All that's left to say is good luck - we know you'll smash it!


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