1. The cashback amount relates to the specific offer at the time of booking for the 23/24 academic year. The cashback amount cannot be requested in conjunction with any other booking offer for the 23/24 academic year.

2. The cashback amount will be paid by way of a one-off payment into a nominated bank account of your choosing (the "Refund"). We will aim to process the Refund within 28 days from the moment of submission of your chosen bank details. Please ensure that the bank details submitted are accurate as errors could result in delays in processing the Refund. By submitting your bank details, you agree that they may be used only by the Promoter or its agents and suppliers to administer the refund.

3. Where you have paid your rent, but not up to the end of the Tenancy Period as set out in your tenancy agreement, we will apply the credit by adjusting the rent due on your next instalment.

4 . Where rent has not been paid in advance and your account is currently in arrears, we will apply the Concession by way of a credit to your account and the balance of rent due will be adjusted accordingly. Should payment of the adjusted balance not be received by the end of the Concession Period, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement, reverse the credit and take steps to pursue you for the full amount of rent due under the tenancy agreement.

5. The refund does not in any way constitute a variation, waiver, release or modification of, or otherwise affect any provisions of your tenancy agreement and the terms of your tenancy agreement remain in full force and effect.

6. The refund does not waive or release any rights or remedies we may have against you in respect of any breach of your other obligations under your tenancy agreement and we reserve the right to terminate this agreement if you breach any of the terms of your tenancy agreement.

7. You remain liable for any other costs or charges under your tenancy agreement that do not form part of the rent to us.

8. This agreement is personal to you and us and you confirm that you are the tenant under the tenancy agreement and that all details provided are correct.

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